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As a film and TV series enthusiast, it is essential to have a free movie website.

Now let me talk about it!

1. Senior Brother Film and Television

Both Android and Apple have corresponding apps, and there are many resources.

This is what I often use.

2. American TV Paradise

American TV Paradise is an old video website. In terms of the timeliness of updating American TV dramas, American TV Paradise does a great job.

In addition, this website has made a ranking list of American dramas. If there is a shortage of dramas, you can refer to the ranking list to select movies.

3. Online home

The best thing about the online home is that it has its own account system. After registering and logging in, you can save your previous viewing records and collect your favorite movies and TV plays.

In addition, there is a link in the film and television detail page to directly jump to Douban to view Douban ratings and videos.

4. Movie bees

The website interface is clean and tidy without advertisements, and supports account login and whole network vip resolution. It also provides two channels: online disk download and magnetic download. It can be viewed online or downloaded.

The film and TV show interface will have Douban score and IMDB score as reference, which is pretty good.

5. Qicui Film and Television

Android has apps. The animation update of this website is very timely, and the definition of many movies and TV plays can reach 1080p. There is also a special 4K section, and the website also has its own hot list ranking.

Animation fans must not miss this website.

6. Thai Opera Network

Children who like Thai dramas and Thai movies must collect them.

The scale of Thai drama is really big, and all kinds of feelings are complicated, which is quite bloody. Only you can think of a story that can't be made up without a screenwriter. By the way, Thai thriller movies are really unique. Most of the domestic thriller movies are scary, and Thai thriller movies are really scary.

7. Dixi Dixi

There are still a lot of resources, most of which can be found.

However, do not refer to the list made by the website itself. I feel it is not referential.

8.51 Drama search

A video search engine, which can search movies and TV dramas according to movie names and actors. It is strongly recommended to collect and use!

9. Danube Film Network

There are many old movies and TV plays in it, which is very rare. Now few websites still include old movies and TV plays. As a backup site, it is still very good!

10.555 Movies

Both Android and Apple have apps, which can be downloaded from the website. The resource classification of this website is quite good. Netflix's American dramas have a special classification, and there are variety documentaries, which are suitable for the main station collection!


If you have any ideas, please contact me!

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